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Suzie Lamothe

Testimonials from Clients

I am proud to share with you some of the comments I have received from my clients on After Sale Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires for Sellers and/or Buyers and in personal notes I have received over the years....  Suzie Lamothe

Buyer Feedback

“Suzie Lamothe is a very competent agent. Not only did she perform beyond her duties on several occasions, she also managed to make our first home buying experience positive and worthwhile. We will not hesitate to call upon her services in the future. We will also recommend her services to friends and colleagues who are looking into buying or selling a home.

Rachel Sita-Menga

“J’aime Suzie pas sa facon de faire; simple, gentille, patiente, sa compassion. Elle met les clients a l’aise, elle aide pour le meilleure choix; je la garderai pour le future.” , October 2008

Stewart Newell
“I have moved to Canada from the UK and Ms Lamothe made locating a rental property in downtown Ottawa a very easy process. While I was in the K she was busy locating potential properties and answering my questions. As soon as I arrived in Canada she was available to take me to visit properties and within a couple of days she had sorted out all the paperwork. She was also more than happy to assist me with my queries about the way things are done in Canada. I was very impressed with Suzie’s professionalism and particularly the amount of time she was willing to invest in finding me a home and making sure than everything was properly arranged. This was very different to my previous experience of looking for houses where agents did the bare minimum!” , March 2008

Body Ngoy & Geneviève Langlois-Ngoy
“We loved Suzie Lamothe!, She was such a great help to us in finding our first home,. She assisted us with great matches, great advice and helping us understand the home buying process.” , August 2007

Vinitha Jayawardena
“Suzie is a very polite, courteous and extremely friendly person. She always wears a smile on her face. I am glad I met her. She deeply cares about her client’s needs.” , August 2006

Ray Dumouchel
"During the whole transaction process Suzie was always accommodating, available, thorough in detail and pleasant. Her personality and professionalism inspired confidence” , September 2004

Carole & Mario Maurice
“Suzie was really exceptional in finding and assisting both Carole and I in purchasing our new home. Always available and very upbeat; Suzie made this transaction a pleasure. She will always be our agent...” , October 2004

Terry Morgan
“Ms Lamothe was very personable throughout my real estate experience. She worked very hard, showing me numerous properties and keeping me abreast of listings. She is a great company representative!” , July 2002

Nick Pavlakovich & Nancy Ryan
“We found Suzie to be very professional in her selling approach by listening to our needs, researching our requests, providing alternatives, following through with the presentation, closing and post closing follow-ups. Suzie is very professional in all areas and should be a valued employee of your organization” , March 2003

Elaine & Richard Armstrong
“Suzie was wonderful, always keeping in touch, working hard to make sure we were comfortable, both in selling ours and buying a new home!” , Spring 2003

Sudan and Randy Carson
“…the undivided attention of our agent Suzie. She really cared about us and our home purchase and worked @ 200%.....Suzie consistently and quickly adapted to our search changes so we always felt fully informed. After the sale, Suzie supported us with area contacts and helping to coordinate painters and inspections. She went above and beyond!” , Oct. 2002

Girma Gizaw & Tigiste Berhanu
“I was looking for a house for more than one year; I spoke to many different agents but I never met any that were as good as Suzie Lamothe. I am very happy about the house she helped me to purchase; that is why I recommended her to one of my friends last week.”  September 2002

Nancy Page
“Suzie Lamothe always took the time to answer any questions I had and made me feel very comfortable with every step of the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home.” , December 1999

Bernice Murphy
“Suzie did an exceptionally fine job in securing our new home for us. She gave freely and willingly of her time and expertise.” , April 1999


Seller Feedback

“Suzie was a great help. She was always available when we needed to talk to her. She’s approachable and a great person to deal with. We will without a doubt recommend her to others. Excellent job!” March 2003

“Suzie Lamothe, toujours disponible pour repondre a nos questions et retourner nos appels…. Sa bonne humeur et sa perseverance et sa gentillesse. Bravo!” July 2003

She was able to sell our present home within a reasonable asking price in only 3 days!” April 2004

Paul Archambault
“Ms. Lamothe is very professional and I enjoyed her sincere and service oriented qualities. She kept me informed and was always very kind with me.”  , June 2008

Long Xiaoli
“I highly appreciate Ms. Lamothe’s professionalism and hard work. I was living in Vancouver during the sale of my condo in Ottawa and Ms. Lamothe always kept effective communication with me. Many times I called her late at night and she was always able to take my calls. I am Chinese and my English is not perfect; Ms Lamothe patiently explained the details of the contract to help me understand. She also provided in time accurate feedback from the Ottawa market and customers to help me make the right decisions.” , September 2007

Gilles St-Jean
“Suzie Lamothe’s advice and assistance in selling my home was exceptional and beyond expectations of a sales representative. She guided me to the art of selling with her suggestions on how to improve the presentation of my home. This resulted in its sale in 4 calendar days! This speaks for itself. I will heartily recommend Suzie to family, friends and associates.” , September 2006

Francois & Fernande St-Jean
“Suzie Lamothe was extremely competent. We found eh to be honest, diligent and hard working.” , October 2005

J.P. & Rose Patry
“I don’t think it is possible to do better than Suzie Lamothe, we have already referred two friend to her.” , September 2004

Susana Chan
“Friendly & efficient!” , 2002

Paula Saulnier
“Suzie was very professional & dependable!”  March 2003

Francois Cosper & Elise de Vasconcelos
“Personal service, regular updates very clear process. Suzie is a phenomenal Representative!” , April 2003

Douglas Chase & Bernice Murphy
“This sales representative was professional and competent at all times both in personal visits and follow-up phone calls” , May 2003

Paul Forest
“I enjoyed very much dealing with Suzie. She was very patient with me and also very professional.” , 2002

Septimus Liang
“Suzie Lamothe is very professional, always ready to help and very efficient.” , November 2001

Patrick & Betty Timmons
“Suzie’s professional manner and friendly nature made the sale of our house a pleasure.” , May 2001


Note From Suzie, Thank you to all my clients …your feedback is important and much appreciated!

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