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Suzie Lamothe

Suzie's Selling Tips

Selling your home in a timely manner and obtaining the maximum value for your home is your top priority. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for sale.

Home Exterior

First impressions are important. Some call it "Curb Appeal"

  • Make sure the exterior of your home is clutter free
  • Keep the house and yard neat and clean
  • Keep the grass cut and the gardens neat
  • You need to show a well-maintained appearance

Home Interior

  • Discuss with your realtor the areas of your home that may need painting or redecorating
  • Tidy up each room. A disorderly room looks small and leaves a negative impression
  • Remove some of the furniture in each room. This will help each room appear larger
  • Keep all bedrooms neat. Pak up some of the dresser and tabletop items. Get rid of the clutter and many of the personal items
  • Keep your bathrooms sparkling
  • Light in your home is very important. Keep bright lights in darker rooms – especially basements
  • Place plants and fresh flowers to add freshness

 Talk to Suzie Lamothe to get more ideas on preparing your home for sale.  This is one of the crucial steps in getting the most money possible and having your home on the market for the shortest period of time.  Call Suzie today at 613-834-9921 or click here to send Suzie a message.