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Role of a REALTOR®

The key role of a real estate representative is to help their client find a home or sell their property.

This is an often lengthy and difficult process, but the expert knowledge of a representative in the field of real estate undoubtedly provides a huge benefit.

  • A real estate representative has access to the MLS system and other sources of information which can help in the house hunting or selling process
  • A real estate representative is a skilled negotiator equipped to both protect and promote the interests of their clients
  • On the selling side, a real estate representative helps set the listing price, makes suggestions on repairs and renovations, and markets the house for a more efficient and effective sale of your home
  • On the buying side, a real estate representative helps qualify home buyers, provides the breakdown of the costs of a real estate transaction and provides access to vital information needed to purchase a home which fits the needs and desires of their clients

The benefits that a knowledgeable real estate representative can provide their clients are so important that the selection of an ‘Agent’ becomes just as important as the services they can provide. Not only are real estate representatives themselves important, but they also provide an important link to other main players in real estate transactions Buyer Agents help qualify home buyers for their purchases making their relationship with Mortgage officials vital to the buying process.

Listing agents make suggestions on repairs and renovations which makes their knowledge of top renovators and contractors an added bonus for both efficiency and cost-savings.

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